Who We Are

CREAM offers a unique approach to the blockchain and crypto-economy industry. As one of the first investment incubators to focus on enhancing business efficiency with blockchain and crypto tokens, CREAM is causing disruption in the space and delivering real results that are becoming the foundation of the economy of the future. This is a professional perspective on blockchain and the crypto-economy that has the capacity to boost any type of business or idea.

Our Values


When we work with a project, we aim to form such a strong relationship that loyalty is not only important, it is fundamentally essential to succeed. When we take you on, we give 100% and we expect this in return from all stakeholders within our community.


Cryptocurrency often lacks regulations, which in turn makes it difficult to gain first impression trust. However, CREAM prides itself on having a team who are honorable, dedicated people who uphold the standard of business, whilst complying with all legal standards of business operations.


When you work together with CREAM we form a partnership, not just an advisory role. We become one and we create synergy together with both parties striving to bring the best out of everyone, expanding on your ideas and goals, creating value to the ecosystem simultaneously.


Progress is more important than bureaucracy, in our current world, stalemate means going backwards. At CREAM, we move forward.


Our greatest asset is our people. We aim to attract the most talented people who have drive and merit. We empower our people and guide them to find their potential.


As one of the first Investment Incubators to focus on drastically increase business efficiency with blockchain and cryptotokens, and definitely one of the most effective one in the space, CREAM strives for maximizing the quality of every project we advise and help build.

Our Partners and Advisors

We are proud to work with some of the most exciting brands in the world. Our partners are leaders in their industries and share our global vision for the future of blockchain and the crypto-economy.

  • VeChain Foundation is strategic partner of CREAM. We work closely on a daily basis with senior managers of the VeChain Foundation to strategize and facilitate the growth of the VeChain Foundation.
  • VeChain Ecosystem Investment & Incubation Platform (VEIIP).
    CREAM is the joint partner with the VeChain Foundation to form VEIIP. Details to be announced.
  • Partners: To Be Announced Soon.
VeChain V Logo

VeChain Foundation


VeChain is the world’s leading public blockchain platform providing services to enterprises. VeChain connects blockchain technology to the real world by providing a comprehensive governance structure, a robust economic model as well as advanced IoT (Internet of Things) integration, and pioneers in real-world applications.

The VeChain project started in June 2015, focusing on building a trust-free and distributed business ecosystem to enable transparent information flow, efficient collaboration and high-speed value transfer. Specializing in blockchain and IoT technologies, VeChain has become one of the few blockchain platforms with real world business applications adopted by reputable enterprises across multiple sectors worldwide. By providing robust and secure blockchain infrastructure, enterprise solutions, turnkey packages and development tools in both software and hardware, VeChain aims to enable its business partners and developers to adopt blockchain solutions for business and create a powerful and sustainable ecosystem.

VeChain currently operates out of seven offices located in Shanghai, Singapore, Paris, Luxembourg, Palo Alto, Tokyo and Hong Kong, with the international professional team of over 100 staff members including over 50 professional blockchain application developers. VeChain actively works with top-notch universities worldwide in its blockchain R&D capacity, such as Tsinghua University, Stanford University, MIT, Oxford Mathematical Institute, Dartmouth College, City University of Hong Kong and South China Normal University. Additionally, VeChain is one of the leading firms globally in terms of blockchain related patents.

Our Ideal Partners

CREAM is always seeking reputable general and limited partners to develop relationships with for long-term sustainable growth. Investors are welcome to engage with us from venture capitalists to private equity groups to crypto investment funds.
Contact us to see if there are synergies we can leverage.

CREAM is also interested in connecting with companies considering using blockchain and tokenization to be more successful. With a high-quality return that we’ve enabled past clients to achieve, we’re ready to help you find success.

If you have gone through an ICO or are in the process and are exploring what’s next, we may be a great match. Let’s talk about where you are and where you want to go.

Where Are We

CREAM is Global

We have developed a new experience for professionals who have the choice of working anywhere. We have team members on the East Coast, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Shanghai, The Netherlands, Australia, India, Luxembourg and Tokyo.