What We Do

CREAM is a leading investment incubator utilizing blockchain and crypto-economy to unleash the potential of enterprises and startups around the globe.


Strategic Coaching



Community Building

Growth Hacking

CREAMethod – The Method of CREAM

The CREAM Incubator

Your Idea Is the Egg, We’re Its Incubator
To incubate is to develop and nurture. That’s exactly what we do with ideas. The overall concept of your project may be apparent to you and your team, but how exactly are you going to execute this? What steps are involved in taking your idea and turning this into a product applied in the real world? At CREAM we dissect your idea and collaborate together and see how blockchain and the crypto-economy can utilize this. We develop a plan and with the right people, accelerate the whole process and execute it.

Strategic Coaching

Rely On Us To Help Energize Your Brand
We work with C-suites and founders to help the leverage the power of blockchain and crypto tokens to unleash a brilliant future. With an optimal strategy, your company can use these unique tools to find solutions and launch new ideas.


Explore Novel Investment Strategies
Learn how to invest in business that can be blockchainized and tokenized to achieve a higher value proposition. Further, you can discover how to strategically invest in cryptocurrency industry-related projects that have the ability to solve real world problems. Find founding teams with the same values and ethics as you to diversify and build wealth.

Tokenization + Token Issuance Process

Tokenization Drives Value
We create strategies to prepare for, plan, and execute a Token Issuance event. This event has the capability of increasing a project’s capital reserve. Through this process, you can measurably increase customer and stakeholder acquisition and retention rate by reinventing business operations.

Community Building and Growth

We will lead efforts in creating your community after Token Issuance. After the initial work, we will continue to manage and grow it. We’ll generate processes to align with company and community interests so that everyone becomes a stakeholder.


As one of the first Investment Incubators to focus on drastically increasing business efficiency with blockchain and cryptotokens, and definitely one of the most effective one in the space, CREAM strives for maximizing the quality of every project we advise and help build.


View projects we are coaching, advising, and have invested in

Explore projects we are currently in the process of working on, and learn why these brands chose to leverage blockchain and the crypto-economy.

New Projects

8 Hours Foundation Logo

The 8Hours Foundation’s mission is to create a culture where “game nights” amongst friends and families are facilitated by cutting-edge technology. By creating a new environment that blends physical board games and digital possibilities, we propel tabletop gaming into the 21st century. Playtable, the first product of 8Hours, is an innovative board-game console that allows physical game pieces to interact with digital games using RFID. This allows for a whole new world of possibilities, where physical objects can be imbued with digital context, and where new game mechanics, ownership tracking and user customization are made possible.

HackenAI Logo

HackenAI is a revolutionary, 360° cybersecurity companion product that incentivizes users to learn good cybersecurity habits. The HackenAI platform is your one-stop-shop for all cybersecurity-related protection.


VeChain V Logo

VeChain is the world’s leading public blockchain platform providing services to enterprises. VeChain connects blockchain technology to the real world by providing a comprehensive governance structure, a robust economic model as well as advanced IoT (Internet of Things) integration, and pioneers in real-world applications.

The VeChain project started in June 2015, focusing on building a trust-free and distributed business ecosystem to enable transparent information flow, efficient collaboration and high-speed value transfer. Specializing in blockchain and IoT technologies, VeChain has become one of the few blockchain platforms with real world business applications adopted by reputable enterprises across multiple sectors worldwide. By providing robust and secure blockchain infrastructure, enterprise solutions, turnkey packages and development tools in both software and hardware, VeChain aims to enable its business partners and developers to adopt blockchain solutions for business and create a powerful and sustainable ecosystem.

VeChain currently operates out of seven offices located in Shanghai, Singapore, Paris, Luxembourg, Palo Alto, Tokyo and Hong Kong, with the international professional team of over 100 staff members including over 50 professional blockchain application developers. VeChain actively works with top-notch universities worldwide in its blockchain R&D capacity, such as Tsinghua University, Stanford University, MIT, Oxford Mathematical Institute, Dartmouth College, City University of Hong Kong and South China Normal University. Additionally, VeChain is one of the leading firms globally in terms of blockchain related patents.

Cahrenheit Logo

Cahrenheit is a blockchain-based ecosystem for the automotive industry powered by the VeChainThor blockchain.

Past Projects

Plair Life Logo

Plair intends to establish and grow a community space where gamers not only engage with one another through online and offline events and tournaments, but where they will have access to tools that will allow them to earn a sustainable living and forge a career path in video game play. The Plair platform will reward and empower every member of the video gaming community, both socially and financially.

DecentBET Logo

An open-source blockchain peer-to-peer gaming platform where anyone with an idea can build a game, a predictive market, or a casino room and share in the revenue.

Safe Haven Logo

Safe Haven Foundation is a decentralized B2B2C platform which supports companies and blockchain projects, aiding their expansion within their verticals. We will open our platform and tech solutions to the community, developers, entrepreneurs, inheritance, trust professionals, and existing financial services companies.

Launched by BitOcean Global in 2018, OceanEx is an AI powered digital asset trading platform within the VeChainThor Ecosystem, offering professional services to digital asset investors, traders and liquidity providers.